Here are some things our patients are saying about us:

I can honestly say I enjoyed my whole experience with braces!  You have a lovely office and are wonderful people.  I think you all have done a fantastic job on my teeth - they look really nice!  Thanks a lot!  Maggie R.



Braces for me was a life changing event.  It made me more confident in my smile.  Even though I suffered through times of pain, it was worth it! 
Amanda H.

I've always looked forward to coming to your office.  The assistants have all been super-nice and made me feel right at home.  Dr. Lenz gave me a great new smile.  Overall, it's been great coming to your office.
Mary K.



It took 3 years and countless adjustments but thanks to Dr. Lenz and the staff at Bluestone Orthodontics my teeth are better than ever.
Gregg J.

My experience with braces at Bluestone Orthodontics went very well.  I enjoyed having my braces and having the staff to help me through those tough times.  Everyone is very nice and they always had a positive attitude towards me.  Thank you Dr. Lenz and staff!  I am so excited to finally get my braces off.
Savannah H.

I'm impressed with the great job you guys did.  Thanks a lot.
Jordan W.

I had braces for over 2 years and they weren't that bad.  Now that they are off, I'm glad I had them.  I now have a great smile.
Ethan W.

I really anticipated hating the experience of braces, however, with an amazing, fun staff, my two year journey flew by.
Pamela P.