What Should I Eat? Foods to Avoid if You Have Braces  

Most patients know — even if they don’t want to admit it sometimes — that the benefits of braces far outweigh the negatives. While it’s a temporary inconvenience, the beauty of a confident smile is immeasurable. That said, it’s worth going over what you should be eating during a critical time. If you have braces in Luray, VA, we’ll look at what to avoid first.

What Not to Eat When You Have Braces

Here are the non-negotiables:

  • Popcorn: Popcorn hulls are small and they’re textured, which means they have a tendency to get stuck between the teeth and even below the gums. Hulless popcorn is better for you, but you still have to worry about the smaller hulls that so-called hulless popcorn contains.
  • Soft drinks: Acids from soft drinks have a tendency to strip the enamel. If this were happening across the entire tooth, it wouldn’t be good for it, but at least you would end up with a uniform appearance. When you have braces, the results lead to white spots on the teeth that are likely to be permanent.
  • Chewy candies: The more you gnaw at a piece of toffee or even a particularly crusty pizza, the more likely one of the brackets will pop off.

Find a Dentist in Harrisonburg, VA

With dentists in Harrisonburg, Luray, and Woodstock, VA, Bluestone Orthodontics can help you learn more about what to expect if you’re thinking of getting braces. While our staff would prefer you to stick to the softer foods, we can also tell you more about how to navigate the tougher foods (the ones you have to have) so you minimize risk to your investment. Contact us today to learn more about how to prepare for the road ahead.


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